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What Clients Have To Say About
Momma T

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Talitha and her astrological knowledge came to me at a time when I didn’t even know how much I needed it.


I was her dog’s groomer and one day at pick-up she could tell by my face something was going on. I shared that my relationship recently ended and my life felt very unstable. She started talking about planets and energies that I knew nothing about and her partner mentioned something about my “Saturn return.” My knowledge of astrology consisted of me knowing I was an Aquarius which made me emotional, but I came to find out my moon sign is what makes me emotional, and I didn’t even know there was a moon sign.


She suggested doing a reading of my birth chart and I asked if it could bring me clarity with my break up, little did I know this reading would open a whole new world for me.


Within the first few minutes of her showing me my chart I was hooked! Everything she was saying was spot on to who I am as a human and how I felt and handled my emotions.

This experience helped me feel validated as a person and made me realize that things I once thought were flaws were actually just who I was meant to be as a person. Not only did I find clarity for my relationship and learn that it was meant to end when it ended because of the energy the planets were emitting; but I also found clarity for my life. My birth chart session showed me a blueprint for the essence of my soul and livelihood.


During our session, Momma T made me feel comfortable and supported. She made me feel like I could be open about who I am and receive no judgment. It felt incredible to have a heartwarming conversation about our place in this universe with like-minded people. My brain was flooded with new terminology that I did not know, but knew I wanted to explore. The biggest thing I took away from our first session was that everything happens for a reason, it happens how it’s supposed to happen.

I am someone who suffers from daily stress and bursts of anxiety that would cause my emotions to take over my brain and wellbeing. Momma T and I had my first reading sometime in October and I did not feel a burst of anxiety/stress for four months after that.


I had a new look on life and my purpose on this planet that helped me stay present. I was able to tell myself “it will be okay, the universe will make sure everything works itself out. I am my own person, I am special.” The burst of anxiety months later was because my ex called me which brought up a lot of unsettling emotions. I reached out to Talitha about this and she explained that planets were shifting, some were in retrograde and this was a time of reflection. This helped me realize “okay, now I am meant to reflect on my past relationship and the emotions it gives me.” So I sat with the emotions for a couple days and with Talitha’s guidance she helped me realize what I can take out of this situation.


Talitha and I have had multiple sessions since October and each one has been an eye opening experience. She is a very compassionate and enthusiastic astrological guide and I feel so lucky to have her with me on my astrological journey. She has been open and accepting of all my questions and curiosity, she is a wonderful connection to the stars!

-  A.L.   29 years old 

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